Two Effective Baseline Inbounds Plays to Run Against Man and Zone Defense

In this week’s “Playbook Series“, we feature a pair of underneath-the-basket inbounds plays that have proven to be effective at both the high school and college levels. Follow along the play breakdown (with diagrams) before seeing them simulated live on the basketball floor.

Flex Inbounds vs. Man Defense

Submitted by Donnie Hand, Chilton County High School, Clanton, AL

The Set-up: This play sets up with four players across the baseline. 2 inbounds the ball on the left side of the basket. 1 starts just inside the three-point line in the far left corner. Meanwhile, 5 and 4 start out on opposite low blocks, while 3 starts in the far right corner.

The Action: 5 v-cuts up the elbow for the pass from 2. If 5’s defender is overplaying, he should flash straight back to the basket. After 5 receives the ball, 4 cuts to the opposite elbow. If his defender overplays, he should also cut backdoor.

After 4 receives the ball, 1 makes a flex cut over to the far block off 2’s pick in the near corner (on the inbound after the initial pass). Next, 5 down screens for 2 in the corner. After this, 4 looks for 1 down low, and then looks to go to 2. 2 then rolls back up to the opposite elbow from 5’s down screen.

The Finish: If 4 passes to 2 at the opposite elbow, 3 makes a flex cut off of 1’s screen to the opposite low block. The play continues until the proper shot presents itself. If 5 has trouble getting open initially, 5 can then pick for 1, and 1 goes to the elbow for the pass from 2. 5 will then flex cut off of 2’s screen.


Underneath Out-of-Bounds Play

Submitted by Pat Sullivan, St. Francis University, Joliet, IL

The Set-up: This play works against man and zone defense. 5 and 3 start out on opposite low blocks with 5 on the ball side. 4 inbounds the ball. 2 and 1 are at opposite elbows with 2 at the ballside elbow.

The Action: 5 steps in and then busts to the near corner. 1 pops out at the top on the ball side behind 2. 4 then passes to 5 and 5 passes to 1. 2 sets a down screen for 4, who is coming inbounds at the time. If the defense is man-to-man, 2 makes a screen on 4’s defender. If it’s a zone defense being played, 2 then screens the middle defender in the zone. Next, 4 curls off 2’s screen and then looks for a pass from 1. 5 screens the screener and 2 pops to the ballside corner.

The Finish: After setting the screen, 5 rolls to the basket. 1 then looks to 2, or throws a jumpshot pass to 5 in the post for layup.


The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Best of the Best Winning Hoops Series: Over 70 Baseline & Under-the-Basket Inbounds Plays.” Check out more plays from the Winning Hoops team by clicking here.


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