12 Dynamic Ball Handling Drills Designed to Build Quickness

If you want to develop into an elite guard, it’s imperative that you work on your hand-eye coordination and hand/ball quickness. Watch as University of Kentucky head coach John Calipari and former NBA standout Rod Strickland lead you through 12 useful ball handling drills that focus on improving ball quickness. Coaches can then look to implement these simple, effective drills into their own practices this fall.

Front to Back Dribbling

While there are hundreds of drills we could cover to work on ball handling, we’re going to start with the basics and build from there. Remember, the more that you work with the ball, the better off you’ll be. Ultimately, you want your right hand and left hand to be the exact same.

First, start with these dribbling drills:

1)    Front to Back Dribbling – Right Hand

2)    Side to Side – Right Hand

3)    Side to Side – Left Hand

4)    Front to Back – Left Hand

Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. Start slow and then build up speed. The reason you go fast is that it’s not about making a mistake. You want to make yourself uncomfortable. The goal is get faster and faster every day. Keep in mind that this is not just a drill for drill sake. You must be able to move the ball.

Remember at all times to keep your head and eyes up. Bend your body down and get low during the drills, as well.


Carry Drills

Instead of dribbling, now we’ll move to carry drills (where the ball is kept off the floor). Consider running a clock for 30 seconds and counting the number of carries you can make in 30 seconds, then improve upon it.

1)    Single Leg Carry (Start slow and then build up faster)

2)    Carry Drill Double Leg

3)    Carry Drill Waist (Get those hands moving fast)

4)    Carry Drill Figure Eight (Do the drill front and back)

Two-Ball Drills

Get a feel for using both basketballs at once. Start by standing in place and pounding both basketballs at the same time. Then, transition into one high and one low before moving into alternating dribbles.

1)    2-Ball Dribble, Pound Together

2)    2-Ball Dribble, 1 High, 1 Low

3)    2-Ball Dribble, Alternating (Really move those shoulders)

4)    2-Ball Dribble, Circle


The previous clips can be found on Championship Productions’ DVD “MVP Training: Basic Point Guard Skills & Drills with Derrick Rose and John Calipari.” Also, check out the companion video entitled, “MVP Training: Advanced Point Guard Skills and Drills.”

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