New Field Hockey DVDs Featuring Barry Kagan!

There have been two newly released Field Hockey DVDs featuring Barry Kagan.  He has coached his team to seven NCAA championships.  The titles of these two new Field Hockey DVDs are:

Dynamic Strength and Conditioning for Field Hockey

  • Create a multi-purpose, dynamic training program for the success of your team
  • Build a solid training foundation through strength training and core work
  • Teach your athlete’s how to properly translate explosive movements from the weight room to on the field

Year Round Speed, Agility and Quickness Training for Field Hockey

  • Make conditioning a year round focus for optimal performance
  • Create consistency for the athletes to enhance their ability as the season goes on
  • Learn how important the need for recovery is for the development of athletic performance


Purchase these two Field Hockey DVDs together and save $10:

Barry Kagan’s Field Hockey Strength Training 2-Pack

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