User Submitted Play of the Week: “Curtains”

This week’s play submission comes from Brandon Rohr, the assistant women’s basketball coach at Corcordia University (Texas).


Here’s an effective set that can be used on a variety of levels to create a great look off of multiple actions. Unlike many sets which hope to take advantage of poor defensive execution, this particular one is dependent upon defensive players executing their assignment by properly hedging, helping, and chasing over screens. It’s a great late-game set that has been used with a variety of initial formations and variations. It’s also a must for any coach in their playbook.

The play begins out of the “Floppy Series.” Once the point guard hits the “initiation area”, the action begins. First, the 2 cuts off a cross-screen from the 3 and pin-down by the 5 player. After setting the screen, the 3 will come off the left wing on a pin-down by 4. The entry is made to 2 on the right wing.

After the entry pass, the 5 player will “seven-cut” into a ballscreen for 2. As this action takes place. the 3 and 4 will double flare-screen for the PG. The emphasis should be placed on the screeners coming big, wide, and fast to the screens.

As the 2 guard engages the ball-screen, the 4 will cut up to a direct line with the wing. Next, 2 will take one dribble to clear the screen and make a quick pass to the 4. As this happens, the 5 will sprint to the rim receiving a bounce pass from 4 for a lay-up.

As you can see these actions clear out the paint area. If the screen defender hedges and the on-ball defender fights over top as he/she is taught, this will leave no one to help as there is simply no weakside help available. This is a terrific late-game set against a hedging or switching ball-screen defensive team. Whereas most sets take advantage of poor defensive execution, this one takes advantage of a team that fulfills their commitments correctly.

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