New Wrestling DVDs Featuring Brendan Buckley and Carl Fronhofer!

We have three new Wrestling DVDs that have been released featuring Brendan Buckley and Carl Fronhofer. Brendan Buckley is a former Columbia University Head Coach and Carl Fronhofer is the current Columbia University Head Coach.  These three Wrestling DVDs are titled:

Leg Tilt Series for Any Wrestler 

  • Rack up back points and riding time while your opponent tries to defend your tilts
  • Learn two stealth set ups that are easy to hit and difficult for your opponent to recognize
  • Learn a simple technique for making the turn easier

Last Line of Defense: Scrambling Against Leg Attacks 

  • Turn your last line of defense into point-scoring offense
  • Get scrambling ideas for six common takedown positions
  • Control the scramble and take away your opponent’s scoring opportunity
  • Stop giving up easy points

Attacking with the 2-on-1 Series 

  • Learn to control your opponent and the match
  • See how to “level the playing field” against a quicker wrestler
  • Great tie for all three styles of wrestling

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