All-Access Bryant Lacrosse Practice: Chalk Talk and On-Field Simulations

In the latest edition of All-Access, we take you back to Smithfield, Rhode Island for a behind-the-scenes look inside a Bryant University men’s lacrosse practice. Watch as head coach Mike Pressler preps his squad in the locker room and runs through specific plays the team will be focusing on during practice. Then, check out actual scenes from practice as the team runs through drills and set plays discussed in the locker room earlier in the day.

This week’s All-Access session is a great way for coaches, players and even parents to see how a college lacrosse program prepares during the week – from locker room breakdowns to on-field simulations and to specific coaching strategies and concepts. Be sure to pick up some tips and insights from this exclusive look and see how you can use them with your own squad.

“Chalk Talk” – Zone Defense Overview

First, the coaching staff breaks down key zone defense techniques, like splitting the offensive side of the field in half and then splitting the top part into thirds. Meanwhile, defensemen should play from the back of the cage to the halfway point. Coach Pressler also talks about when opposing squads zoned Bryant last season that his team was really effective against it — explaining to his squad exactly why they are focusing on it that season.

The 1-4-1 Set

This 1-4-1 is a power set, with four players on the perimeter and two players inside. Coach Pressler diagrams the setup of the 1-4-1 on the whiteboard. One specific player will make the call to implement the play each time. If a “Roll” is called, the wings should roll up. “Carry” means to roll down. If a player is an X or four; that means to roll right and to carry left.

Sometimes we will call out “22 Carry.” Here, the player up top has the ball and then attacks/engages his man before carrying. Next, another player will fill in up top and the near wing player will move through. This forces the defense to rotate. If we call “22 Roll 2“, then the player with the ball engages his man, he rolls one, and then the trailing guys fill in behind. The beauty of this play is that even the coaching staff doesn’t know what’s going to materialize.



Next the coaching staff runs through Wahoo, which is actually Virginia’s play. Bryant used it against them with success the season before.

Here, the two nearest attackmen to the cage will start out on the GLE on opposite sides. The middle guy then cuts hard right-handed. If there isn’t a play out of this set-up, then the squad goes automatically into “Pinch.” Watch the video to see how the team makes the transition in case the original play isn’t open.

Wahoo to Pinch – On-Field Look

Now catch the play in action as the Bryant lacrosse team practices “Wahoo” on the turf. The squad also makes the transition into Pinch if the original play isn’t there.


The previous All-Access look can be found on Championship Productions’ DVD “All-Access Bryant Lacrosse Practice with Mike Pressler.” Check out our entire All-Access collection by clicking here. The DVD library also includes several new additions featuring Bill Tierney (Denver) and Mike Daly (Tufts).

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