New Volleyball DVD Set Featuring Russ Rose!

A five disc Volleyball DVD set featuring Russ Rose was recently released.  Rose is a 5x NCAA Head Coach at Penn State University.  The new five disc Volleyball DVD set is titled:

All Access Volleyball Practice with Russ Rose 

  • This DVD set includes over 8 hours of Penn State Volleyball practice
  • Get “all access” to six Russ Rose coached practices, including skill instruction, drills and competitive play
  • Incorporate these championship-caliber drills and philosophies into your program
  • Explore the nuances of Rose’s approach to the game

For more Russ Rose Volleyball DVDs, check out the following titles:

Coaching Mental Toughness on the Court: Strategies and Drills
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Russ Rose’s Back Row Attack
Systems For Team Offense
Quick Attack and Combination Plays
Drills for Defense and Passing
Competitive Wash Drills

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