All-Access Kansas Basketball Practice: Shooting and Passing Drills

In this week’s edition of All-Access, we take you to Lawrence, Kansas for an exclusive look inside a Kansas men’s basketball practice. Head coach Bill Self leads his squad through a variety of passing and shooting drills during one of the first practices of the 2009-10 campaign.

With the passing drills, players run through the Seminole Drill, a typical warm-up conducted at the onset of each basketball practice. As for the shooting drills, players go through 5-Minute Shooting and 5-Spot Shooting before breaking up into a positional breakdown of drills.

Seminole Drill

With four lines established, players will pass to the right and then run a banana back towards the ball. They’ll immediately catch the ball back and then pass to the next guy in line. Notice how each player yells the man’s name that they’re passing to and also calls the person’s name they they’re receiving the pass from. The drill starts relatively simple with two basketballs and eventually moves up to four balls simultaneously. It’s key that players are always ready and focused.


Five Minute Shooting

Simple, yet effective, this drill has players shooting 14-15 footers continuously. The drill is timed for five minutes and is conducted as a competition. Players will break up into three groups and then simply step and shoot, one after another until the buzzer sounds. Players will follow their own shot and then pass back to the next guy in line. At the end, each group will tally their shot totals and compare to their teammates.


Offensive Breakdown

Next, players split up by position, with post players working on jump hooks, ball screens, flash high shots, 2-on-1 High/Low, 1-on-1 Live, and 2-on-2 Live. Meanwhile, guards work on ball screens, 1-on-1 live, and 3-on-3 live drills.

One featured drill is called “Get Open 2 Side and Throw Over.” It’s a 2-on-2 drill set out on the wing. One coach will get in the post and another at the top of the key with the ball. One offensive player sets a screen for the other, while the other comes off the ball and immediately throws over the top of the defense for a lob pass in the paint. Switch the offense and defense when done with one rep. Then when all players have gone through, switch to the other side of the court.

Next, guards work on dribbles off the screen and pull-up jumpers. It all starts out with a pivot and then dribble drive to the elbow. Players must drive hard each time and remember to “drive behind the hedge.” Stay down with the ball every time.

5-Spot Shooting

With this drill, five players shoot at once from five different spots around the arc. As Coach Self constantly reminds his players, you can’t shoot unless you have good shot preparation. Players must get their own rebound before passing to the next player in line. Eventually, players rotate one spot to the right and then continue like before. Always run through the ball and step & shoot.


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