5 Individual Shooting Drills Ideal for Summer Practices

Whether for summer workouts, future practices, or just shooting alone at the gym, the following shooting drills are perfect for improving players’ shooting skills. Renowned Five-Star Basketball Shooting Instructor Barry Brodzinski runs through five individual shooting drills, including the Triangle Shooting Drill, the Circus Shooting Drill, and the Box Shooting Drill. See what you can easily take away from these effective drills and how you can implement them into your own team practices or individual workouts for your players.

Triangle Shooting Drill

The participating player will start out under the hoop and then dribble up above the three-point line. Next, the player will turn and shoot the ball, get his own rebound and then go the other direction right-handed. Then the next player will follow once the first player takes his two shots.

Goal: You want to hit four shots before you stop. Make sure you have shot-making goals as opposed to shot-taking goals for these drills.

Triangle Bank Shot Drill

This drill works on developing your mid-range bank shots. It’s quite similar to before, but this time players will dribble up to a side-angle shot about 12-15 feet out, then turn and hit the bank shot. After the shot, players will then go immediately to the next side. It’s a continuous shooting drill.


Circus Shooting Drill

Here, we’ll start with a self-pass, then turn and shoot from the corners, wings and top of the key. Look to knock down four out of five shots or repeat the drill. This is a great drill because you can easily adapt and change it based on personnel. Implement a crossover move into your shot, three-point shooting, and even one dribble to the side and then shot.

Box Shooting Drill

Start with a self-pass up one side and then dribble up the other. Work the elbows with this drill. Then switch sides.

Box Pivot Drill

This drill teaches big players to turn several different ways in the lane. Start with a self-catch, pivot in, and shot. Then implement a self-catch, pivot out, and shot. Next, go with a self-catch, pull away, and then shot.


The clips above can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “50 Shooting Drills.” To check out additional videos featuring shooting drills and workouts, click here.

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