4 Game-Winning In-Bound Plays Used by the Pros

Looking for some new in-bounds plays this season to spice up your playbook? Check out these four plays used by NBA squads during the 2008-09 campaign. NBA Advanced Scout Noel Gillespie gives you exclusive access to a variety of effective in-bounds plays designed to net points – particularly for late game or late-clock scoring opportunities. First, you’ll get a diagram of each play before Gillespie walks through each one with a group of players on the basketball court. Then watch the play develop from start to finish in live 5-on-5 action.

Dallas Need 3

The Set-up: The inbounder will start on the side of the court. The two big men will start out just beyond the near elbow. The two remaining players will begin on opposite low low blocks.

The Play: The far side low block player will drive hard toward the ball and then make a V-cut to the near corner. Meanwhile, the near side low block player will cut up through the lane to the top of the key as a decoy to receive the ball out of bounds there.

Denver Need 3

The Set-up: Four players will start in a box formation, with two on the elbows and two on the low blocks.

The Play: The first player on the far elbow will fake the down screen on the low block and will then go to the near corner. If he’s open, it’s his shot for a step-back three pointer. Meanwhile, the nearside low post player will screen that player’s man in the middle of the lane and free him up to get open in the near corner. The nearside elbow guy will then screen for the nearside low block player’s man in the middle of the lane. That player will then sprint to the 3-point area on the far wing. The player on the far side low block will then cut straight up to the top of the key.


Oklahoma City Need 2

The Set-up: One player will start out on the near low block, another player will begin on the near elbow, a third player will start at the top of the key, and a fourth player will begin at the far wing.

The Play: The low block guy first sets a back pick for the elbow player. That elbow player then curls around to the low block. Next, the wing player sets a pick for the top of the key player and the key player then comes off the pick and circles all the way through and into the near corner. Now that player on the low block sets another pick, this time a back pick for the guy on the elbow in front of him. The elbow guy then curls backdoor for a lob and layup attempt.

Miami Need 2

The Set-up: The ball starts under the basket. The rest of the players will start in a box formation, with two guys on the low blocks and two more on opposite elbows.

The Play: The nearside elbow player screens across for the opposite guy and then immediately down-screens for the opposite low block player. He will then fade to the corner. Meanwhile, the nearside low block guy will then screen up at the elbow for the player there and that player then flares to the near corner. These diversions will free up the player who started on the far side low block for the three-pointer at the top of the key.


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