Scoring on the Move: 6 Drills for the Complete Post Player

A post player who can score on the move or in transition will be an effective weapon and constant threat out on the basketball court. With renowned basketball coach Kevin Sutton leading the way, check out these useful drills for post players that involve the Mikan Drill and a variety of screens.

On the Rim Drill

One at a time, have players start the drill with the Mikan Drill. They should do four total layups (two on the left side and two on the right side). Then have players take the ball out of bounds and make an outlet pass to a teammate on the wing. That player will then sprint to half court (and if possible, cut around a chair) and then back to the hoop from which they came from.

Once within the three-point line area, they will make a cut across the lane, receive the ball back from the outlet player, and then go hard to the hoop for the layup — all without even putting the ball on the floor. Remember to attack the rim hard. Also, be sure to work both sides of the basket with your players.

Straight Drive Layup

Next, proceed with the drill like before, but this time, have the players make a shot fake after they receive the ball before going for a straight drive layup.

Trail Jumper

Players should receive the ball around the elbow and then deliver a quick release/shot while on the move. Always follow your jumper.


Mikan and Trail Jumper with Ball Screen Series

A) Pick and Roll

After the initial jumper, that player will then make a ball screen for a teammate on the wing. He/she will then roll to the basket, receive the pass and hit the layup. Remember to keep proper footwork on the pick and roll and to open up to the pass before rolling to the basket.

B) Pick and Pop

After the ball screen, players will then roll to the near corner and hit the open jumper.

C) Direct Drive with Early Slip

On the first shot, players should make a pump fake and then drive to the basket for a layup. Then immediately, players should turn and sprint out towards the wing player and make a screen around the three-point line before slipping back to the hoop. From here, catch the pass and roll to the basket.


The following post drills – and many more – can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “30 Drills for Building a Complete Post Player” with Kevin Sutton. To check out additional videos featuring post play, check out our extensive basketball library.

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