New Football DVDs: The Gun Rocket Offense

New football DVDs featuring Blair Hubbard, Faith Christian High School Co-Head Coach; 3x State Champions (2004, 2006, 2009); Six Consecutive League Championships (2005-2010)!

Learn the Gun Rocket Offense Series, a simple yet comprehensive offensive system that attacks the entire field and forces defenses to thin themselves out horizontally!

Faster than the Fly: Coaching the Gun Rocket Offense

  • Hit the perimeter of the defense faster than ever
  • Put stress on the defense to cover the point of attack without weakening in other areas
  • Get a formation system that has over 5,000 different looks
  • See no-huddle basics, benefits, and communication ideas

Faster Than the Fly: Off-Tackle Complements in the Gun Rocket Offense

  • Learn to attack even and odd fronts
  • Learn to incorporate the Speed Option and how this can become an off-tackle play
  • Get adjustments to take advantage of a running QB or “Wild Cat” athlete

Faster Than the Fly: Inside Complements and Counters in the Gun Rocket Offense

  • Use misdirection to attack aggressive defenses
  • Learn three main plays for inside counters to the Gun Rocket
  • Get inside adjustments to take advantage of a running QB or “Wild Cat” athlete

Faster Than the Fly: Passing Game in the Gun Rocket Offense

  • Take advantage of the over-rotating defenses through the air
  • Incorporates play action and quick passing games
  • Limit the number of hits on your quarterback

Read what is being said about the Gun Rocket Offense:

“Coach Hubbard’s Rocket Sweep Series is quite versatile and capable of attacking a defense at all angles and gaps. It is also designed in such a way that tendencies are difficult to come by. A defense will be tempted to put eight or even nine in the box, but if you do, the play-action passing capability of this series can break your back. It is simply a well thought out offensive attack that uses all of the skill positions to exploit the defensive weaknesses.”

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