All-Access: Scouting Sessions with Notre Dame Men’s Lacrosse

In this week’s edition of All-Access, we take you to the University of Notre Dame campus in South Bend, Indiana, where Fighting Irish head men’s lacrosse coach Kevin Corrigan breaks down the scouting report for his squad’s upcoming opponent.

First, Corrigan details the scouting report with his team in the film room and gives a general overview of the opponent. The head coach then emphasizes the key areas that his team needs to focus on and execute in order to be successful.

Next, watch as the scouting session moves from the film room to the practice field. With Corrigan and his coaching staff leading the way, get a glimpse at how the team walks through specific plays and situations discussed in the film session that must be addressed during the squad’s upcoming game.

This exclusive look is a great way for coaches and players to go behind the scenes and see how a Division I college lacrosse program prepares for its opponents during the week. Plus, readers can also get a feel for the different types of drills and instruction methods used when implementing specific plays and techniques to get ready for the opposition.

Film Room Discussion

Here, Coach Corrigan talks about the young team they are about to face, one that will not be afraid to challenge them and comes into the game with plenty of confidence. Corrigan also details what his squad needs to do in order to be effective, particularly thinking two steps ahead when it comes to decision making.


Scouting: On-Field Practice

Watch as the offense and defense walk through specific plays and techniques before running through them at half speed and full speed. Here, the players are practicing specific movements, overall reads, and not getting caught losing their men, especially considering they are about to face some crafty attackmen.

The team eventually works on a “Circle” play, which places particular emphasis on how to play a top pick and then react to a speed dodge. Success here really depends on timing. If the timing is off, the backside is often left wide open, so execution by the defense is crucial here in order to be successful.


The follow clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “All-Access Lacrosse Practice with Kevin Corrigan” and Notre Dame Lacrosse. To see our entire All-Access collection, which includes a brand new video featuring Bill Tierney and Denver lacrosse, click here.

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