Championship Lacrosse Instruction From Virginia, Northwestern & Salisbury!

Utilize new drills, techniques, & philosophies from the 2011 NCAA Lacrosse Champions!

Dominic Starsia (University Virginia Head Coach)

All Access Virginia Lacrosse Practice with Dom Starsia

Practice Organization & Drills for Lacrosse

High Scoring Team Offense

The Complete Guide to Team Defense for Lacrosse

The 1-3-2 and the 3-3 Lacrosse Offenses

The Four Components of Aggressive Attack Play

10 Principles of Transition Offense and Defense

20 Drills to Develop Stick-Handling and Shooting

Kelly Amonte Hiller (Northwestern University)

Kelly Amonte Hiller’s Skills of a Champion: The Basics

Winning Women’s Lacrosse

Jim Berkman (Salisbury University)

Shooting Drills to Reinforce Offensive Concepts

Fast Paced Lacrosse Practice: Repetition, Intensity & Fun

30 Essential Practice Drills for Lacrosse

How to Create a Great Shooter and Individual Player

More championship instruction featuring the 2011 Final Four Participants:

All-Access Duke Lacrosse, Volume I: One-on-One and Team Drills with John Danowski

All-Access Duke Lacrosse, Volume II: Individual Skills and Full Field Drills with John Danowski

6-Minute Competitive Drills for Lacrosse with Jenny Levy

Progressive Skill Development Warm-Up for Goalies with Phil Barnes

All Access Lacrosse Practice with Bill Tierney

Lacrosse Face-Offs: Winning Every Draw with Mike Daly

Transition Drills for Building an Up-Tempo Offense with Mike Daly

Fundamental Defense Drills for Winning Lacrosse with Mike Daly, Scott Rynne & Brett Holm

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