4 New Basketball DVDs featuring Mike Procopio and Pat Clatchey!

Check out four new basketball DVDs featuring Mike Procopio and Pat Clatchey! Mike Procopio is a player development trainer for Attack Athletics and is an instructor at the Michael Jordan Flight School and Nike Skill Academies.  Procopio has worked over 100 NBA players including Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Paul Pierce, Kevin Durant, and many more! Pat Clatchey is the Head Coach at Mount St. Joseph’s (MD) High School.  Clatchey served as a Head Coach for the 2009 McDonalds All-American game.

Complete Player Development Workouts for Perimeter and Post Players

  • Improve your team’s ability to score from every position on the floor
  • Teach your players to create space versus any defense
  • Learn game-situation shooting drills to help boost offensive production
  • Discover the techniques for footwork and reading screens that the pros use

Offensive and Defensive Strategies for the Pick & Roll

  • Discover how the pick and roll can get the ball into the paint on a consistent basis
  • Find ways to allow your shooters more time to shoot the ball
  • Force two players to guard one on dribble penetration
  • Stop dribble penetration and contest all shots from the pick & roll

Drills that Develop Skills

  • Learn drills to constantly refine and raise your players’ skill level
  • Develop fundamentals every day with footwork, passing, and ball-handling drills
  • Teach players how to properly read defenses and use ball screens

The 4-Out 1-In Spots Offense

  • Teach players how to play with great spacing and floor balance
  • Force your opponent to defend multiple actions
  • Put your players in position to read the defense and make decisions
  • Learn to counter intense defensive pressure


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