New Training Manuals & Workouts for Faster Swimming!

Improve your technique, strength, and conditioning to become a more efficient and faster swimmer! Learn the fundamentals and training methods that are being used to become the best!

Fundamentals of Fast Swimming

Fundamentals of Fast Swimming with Gary Hall Sr. reduces the complex laws that govern all stroke techniques, drag, motion and inertia, into simple and meaningful training methods. For each of these fundamentals, specific drills are demonstrated that will help swimmers improve their efficiency and speed in the water. Shot on location in the Florida Keys, this film combines the beauty and natural environment of the Keys with some of the most advanced science in swimming. Discover the important details of swimming technique that separate the fastest swimmers in the world from all the others.

Three Styles of Freestyle

The World Team consists of over 20 swimmers training at The Race Club under world-renowned sprint coach Mike Bottom. They are all focused on one goal, Gold. Shot at their training location in the Florida Keys, this film documents the innovative philosophies and training methods of The Race Club, including ten-time Olympic medalist Gary Hall Jr. Discover the secrets of Mike Bottom’s Three Styles of Freestyle in preparing his athletes for the biggest stage in sport.


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