New Lacrosse DVDs on Fundamentals, Shooting & Goaltending!

New Lacrosse DVDs with Trevor Tierney and Josh Sims! Trevor Tierney was a 2x All-American at Princeton University; named All-World Goalie in the 2002 ILF World Championships in Perth, Australia, and Josh Sims was a 3x first team All-American and 2x midfielder of the year at Princeton University; 4x MLL All Star.

How to Play LAX: Fundamental Tips and Drills for Beginners and Advanced Lacrosse Players

This DVD is a great way for any player to pick up on some tips and drills to improve their individual skills. The most important part about being a great lacrosse player is stickwork, and this video covers everything you need to know to become great at passing, catching, shooting, cradling, scooping and much more!

Time and Room Shooting: Tips and Drills for Shooting from the Outside

In this DVD, Josh breaks down the art of shooting the ball with time and room. He shares techniques and drills that will help anyone become a great shooter from the outside!

Evolution in Goaltending: A New Perspective on Goalie Fundamentals

In this DVD, Trevor shares his philosophy on playing goalie and the secrets to his success. Trevor believes that there are a lot of misconceptions out there about playing goalie, and that the position can be simplified with the tips that he offers. You will be surprised to hear some of his ideas for the new generation of goaltenders!


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