The Pistol Spread Option Offense!

The Pistol Spread Option offense, one of the most exciting and flexible offenses around today!  The Pistol Spread Option allows for an exciting, up-tempo style of offense that allows your athletes to make plays! You can explore the offense and what is has to offer by checking out the the Pistol Spread Option DVDs below!

The Pistol Spread Option Offense: Formations, Shifts, Motions and Screens

  • Get your best athlete the football in space more often
  • Create personnel match ups that will work to your advantage
  • Learn how to use the Pistol Spread Option to compliment your current offense

The Pistol Spread Option Offense: Option Run Game

  • Use the same blocking assignments to run a variety of options plays
  • Add versatility to your power running game
  • Learn to recognize which option to run against the defense you’re facing

The Pistol Spread Option Offense: Triple Threat Run Game

  • Learn a new way to run the traditional power plays out of the pistol spread offense
  • This zone package gives your offense the ability to nullify a team’s best defensive player
  • Easily turn two plays into 15 different options

The Pistol Spread Option Offense: Passing Game

  • Get everything you need to install a complete passing game out of the Pistol Offense
  • Learn how to read defenses and take advantage of defensive weakness
  • Learn a simple way to install all of the passes with common terminology

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