A Trio of Dynamic Team Shooting Drills

Check out these new shooting drills and learn some new tactics that incorporate different shots your players will commonly find in a game situation. The drills work on a variety of shots — from shot fakes to shooting off the dribble — and even focus on key fundamentals as well such as communication, footwork and good passes.

Fatigue Shooting

Submitted by Mark DeLaney – Moncolva Christian Academy, Monclova, Ohio

Overview: The shooter starts at a cone on the low right block. He starts by sprinting to another cone on the right elbow, then gets low into a defensive stance and slides across to a cone on the left low block. Then, he sprints to a cone on the left wing before sliding again across the lane to the right low block. Here, he will then curl around the post area to the near wing, receive a pass from a coach/teammate before taking a jump shot. This drill really works a player’s shooting ability when fatigued due to the amount of work it takes to get to the shot area.


3-Line Full-Court Drill

Submitted by Marvin Lindsey, Magnolia HS, Magnolia, Arkansas

Overview: Line 1 starts at the left side baseline area. Line 2 starts on the right side baseline. Line 3 starts at the right side mid- court area. The first player from Line 3 sprints in from the half court area to the FT-line extended and receives a pass from the first player in Line 2. The player from Line 3 then takes a jump shot. The player from Line 2 then curls around the 3-point arc to the far-side FT-line elbow area and receives a pass from the first player in Line 1. That player then takes an elbow jumper. Then the player in Line 1 sprints down the court and receives a pass from a coach for a fastbreak layup or jump shot on the opposite end. Line 1 goes to Line 3, Line 3 goes to Line 2, and Line 2 goes to Line 1.


V-Cut Drill

Submitted by Robert Rojas, Carrizo Springs HS, Carrizo Springs, Texas

Overview: To start this drill, Player 1 will start out on the left wing area, Player 3 will start out on the right wing area and Player 5 will start at the FT line area. The drill begins when Player 1 passes to 5 in the middle and makes a v-cut towards the basket. 1 then takes a jump shot. Player 3 then passes to 5 in the middle and makes a v-cut towards the basket and receives the pass back for a jump shot on the opposite side of the floor. 1 goes to the opposite line and so does 3. Designate which kind of shot you want on the wings, whether a catch and shoot, change in direction, change in direction with reverse fake or with pivot. The drill can also be run with wings players starting at the midcourt.


The following drills can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Over 30 Sizzling Team Shooting Drills” produced by Winning Hoops. Check out more videos featuring dynamic shooting drills and effective team plays by clicking here.

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