A Pair of Effective Sideline Inbounds Plays

Check out the following sideline inbounds plays to see how you can implement some new alternatives out on the basketball court this year. The effective plays offer a variety of options and can be used at practically any level of basketball.

Sideline Inbounds Play vs. Man-to-Man
Submitted by Jon Pye, Central Missouri State, Warrrensburg, Missouri

The Set-up: 3 will inbound the ball on the sideline. Meanwhile, 5 starts out on the low near side block and 4 is positioned on the far side low block. 2 begins on the near elbow of the free-throw line and 1 starts out at the far elbow.

The Action: The play gets underway as 2 sets a pick for 1 across the free throw line. 1 comes off the pick and receives a pass from 3 a little bit beyond the top of the key. After 2 sets the pick, he then sets another pick, this time for 4 down on the far low block. 4 then curls off that screen and comes to the middle of the lane. After 3 dishes off to 1 in the beginning, 5 then sets a back screen for 3.

The Finish: After receiving the inbounds pass from 3, 1 looks for 5’s back pick of 3 and then feeds a backdoor pass to 3 for the layup.


Special Play for a Late Game 3-Pointer
Submitted by Seth Greenberg, Long Beach State University, Long Beach, California

The Set-up: This play works out of a box set with 1 as the inbounder. 2 starts out on the near low block and 3 starts out on the far low block. Meanwhile, 5 is on the near elbow of the free-throw line and 4 starts at the far elbow.

The Action: 2 should be your best shooter. After a down screen by 5, 2 cuts off the screen and comes to the top of the key to get the inbounds pass. At the same time, 3 cuts across the baseline to the near corner and creates a triangle with 2 and 5. Then, 4 makes a screen right in the middle of the free-throw line area. If 2 doesn’t get the pass in, 4 flare-screens for 2 at the top of the key and can cut to the basket if the defender helps on 2.

The Finish: The inbounder could have a few options here if he really reads the defense in this situation. He can look for 3 for a three-point field goal on the nearside or he can hit 2 with a skip pass on the opposite side behind the arc. Also, 4 may be open for a three-point try at the top of the key.


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