3 Last-Second Plays to Deliver Your Team a Victory

Touchdown Full-Court Score

Submitted by Greg Bass, Head Boys Coach, Sparta High School, Sparta, Illinois

Don’t be desperate for a score in the final seconds even if you find yourself 94 feet from the basket. This play frees up a player for a long pass and gives your team a shot before time runs out.

The Set-Up: 1 should be your best passer and takes the ball out of bounds beneath the opposite basket. 4 starts out on the near block while 2 is on the opposite low block. 3 starts out at the top of the key and 5 is a few feet behind him.

The Action: 4 runs to the top of the key to set a screen for 3. 3 then uses the pick to get open on the near side corner. Meanwhile, 5 moves toward the wing area of the far three-point arc and sets a pick for 2. 2 uses the screen to go long.

The Finish: 1 hits 2 in stride with a long pass. Depending on how much time is left on the clock, 2 looks to take an open jumper or drive to the hoop, even if there’s another defender back deep.


Bama Back Door from 1-4

Submitted by David Offerle, Basketball Coach at Arlington High School, Arlington, Tennessee

This play utilizes a backdoor cut from a 1-4 set to provide the offense with a close-in shot at the basket.

The Set-Up: 1 starts out with the ball at the top of the key. Meanwhile, 3 and 2 are situated on the opposite wings just beyond the three-point arc. 4 and 5 begin on the opposite elbows of the free throw line.

The Action: 1 passes to 2 on the wing. 1 then closes the gap with 2 and receives a quick pass back. All the while, 4 springs to the ball-side corner and 3 steps to the weakside elbow. Next, 1 dribbles toward the free throw line area and 3 steps out hard before cutting backdoor.

The Finish: As 1 makes his move to the free throw line, he hits 3 with a pass after the quick step-out and then backdoor move.


Side Box 2

Submitted by Tim Trotter, Head Boys Coach, Jonesboro High School, Jonesboro, Texas

This play is perfect for a quick and close basket with less than two seconds on the clock.

The Set-Up:  4 takes the ball out of bounds on the sideline. 2 begins on the near low block while 1 is on the far low block. 5 and 3 start out on the opposite elbows of the free throw line, with 3 being on the far elbow.

The Action: The play begins when 5 sets a down screen for 1 in the lane. Meanwhile, 2 breaks to the near corner and 3 pops out toward half court. 1 uses the pick and loops around to the three-point line near the top of the key. Then, after setting the initial screen, 5 turns to receive a lob pass.

The Finish: 4 fakes to a decoy and then lobs a pass to 5 right at the rim for a close-range basket.


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