3 Effective Drills for Implementing the 2-2-2 Offense

The 2-2-2 Offense is great to run at any program. As proven by Rutgers men’s lacrosse coach Jim Stagnitta, it’s an effective offense, one that really allows you to put players in a position to maximize their abilities.

It’s easy to break things down into three separate groups – the groups of two that work together within the offense. You’ve got two attackers behind the cage, two midfielders on the crease and two midfielders up top.

This week, the following plays will work with the high and low guys together within the 2-2-2, with particular emphasis on picks and sweeps, balancing the field and working on a strong two-man game.

With the attack unit, it’s key to work on taking the defenders away from the ball and then into a pick. The following drills will include two attackers and two defenders at all times.

Pick and Roll

The pick and roll within the 2-2-2 will be set behind the net. Make sure that the picking player does not turn his back. Instead, he should roll right away off the pick and get separation in case you pull both defenders with the screen and get an advantage on the backside. Always roll towards the ball.

Swing Pick

With the swing pick, the attacker will carry the ball away from his man and away from the pick, so he’s coming off the pick hard. As he comes off the pick, the picker will now turn around and re-pick. The man with the ball will cut around and see if he can get the defender hung up. If not, he can change direction and initiate another re-pick.

Sweep Over the Shoulder

With this play, see if you can get a little step on your man. As the attacker carries hard, the opposing attacker will sweep under as if he’s clearing through, and then the man with the ball will hit that player with an over-the-shoulder pass on the back side if he can get a half-step on the defender. The emphasis here is to sweep through and step away.


Remember, the basis of the 2-2-2 Offense is three two-man games. It’s important to get the guys comfortable with spacing and working together. Other key areas to focus on are clearing through, dodging hard, keeping space with two players, and attacking the weakside of the defense. Plus, with the 2-2-2, you can work on offensive and defensive aspects at the same time.

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