Learn How to Win the Mental Moments!

Check out two new DVDs featuring Dr. Chris Stankovich! Winning the Mental Moments is a unique scientifically developed educational system  that will provide you with the skills and techniques needed to effectively help your team reach their full athletic potential.

Staying in Control in Pressure Situations is a scientifically developed educational performance system that will help you throughout the season. Throughout the program you will learn invaluable mental toughness skills, including goal setting, imagery, focus, cue words, emotional filtering, bouncing back and much more!

You can check out the new DVDs below:

Winning the Mental Moments: Developing Team Toughness in the Clutch!

Staying in Control in Pressure Situations: Developing Mental Toughness in the Clutch!

Purchase the Winning the Mental Moments DVD Series and SAVE $10

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