New Signature Move Wrestling DVDs!

Learn the go-to moves for past NCAA Champions Damion Hahn, Troy Nickerson and Eric Guerrero in the new Signature Move DVDs!

Championship Signature Move Series: Wrap Arm Single

  • Add another dimension to your single leg takedown arsenal
  • See five proven finishes to common single leg defenses
  • Master five set-ups to hit the wrap arm against any opponent

Championship Signature Move Series – Troy Nickerson: Crab Ride

  • Learn three finishes to gain bonus points
  • Learn to flow from the crab ride into a leg series
  • Get in-depth instruction from 4-time All American Troy Nickerson

Championship Signature Move Series – Damion Hahn: Power Duck Under Series

  • Get a new twist on the traditional duck under to make it more effective for you
  • This versatile technique can be used as an attack or set-up
  • See how to finish the takedown for back points or a fall

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