6 Rebounding Drills for the Complete Post Player

This week’s rebounding feature focuses on a half-dozen drills designed to help forwards improve their overall post play. Kevin Sutton — Nike Skill Academy Instructor and Montverde Academy Men’s Basketball Coach — leads viewers through the workout sessions.

Sutton believes that in order to have post success, every player must possess these five key attributes: 1.) Passion (pure joy of the game and drive to be the best); 2.) P. I. G. (Passion for the post, Intensity to compete, and Guts to go after rebounds); 3.) Great feet and balance; 4.) Great vision in the lane; and 5.) Great hands.

These simple and effective drills — which work on improving overall technique, balance, passing, hand-eye coordination and footwork, among many other areas — will help players develop the necessary post skills needed to become elite rebounders.

1.) Backboard Pounds

Set up two lines in front of the basket on both sides of the glass. Two players will start on both sides of the glass, each with a ball. Each player will hold the ball and pound the glass by jumping up and down continuously. After six pounds, make the layup and then have the players rotate and switch sides.

2.) Backboard Pounds With Shot Fake

This time, players will pound the ball off the backboard, come down with the ball and gather themselves before making a shot fake. Then, players will step across under the hoop with a low power dribble and go for a layup on the opposite side. Shoot for six of these per player before rotating. Only player will go at a time with this drill.

3.) Tipping Drill

Next, players should tip the ball off the backboard six times with just one hand. The tipping should be continuous and players should remember to keep their inside hand up while tipping.  After six tips, players should finish things off with a layup. Two players can go at the same time and work on opposite sides of the glass. Remember, the ball should never touch the floor.

4.) Tipping Drill With Alternating Hands

This time, players should tip the ball off the glass and alternate hands used to tip the ball. Continue six times before finishing with a layup.

5.) Rebound & Outlet

In this drill, players should begin by throwing the ball off the backboard before rebounding the ball at its highest point. Then, players should pivot to the outside and outlet the ball to a designated teammate before sprinting to half court and receiving a pass back from them.

6.) Rebound & Outlet With Variation

The actions of this final drill are essentially the same as before, except now players have two outlets to use. Whichever side the ball goes off the backboard, players should use that outlet man before taking off down the court. Coaches, remember to rotate leaders in each drill, too. This way, players learn to lead and follow during drills.


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