4 Game-Winning In-Bound Plays Used by the Pros

Whether it be at the end of a quarter, following a timeout or the last seconds of a game, the need for a quick basket stemming from an in-bound situation occurs quite often.

With the execution and implementation of these plays, teams at every level can develop a vast playbook of in-bound options and improve their pressure situation scoring chances. The plays — which were executed in NBA games during the 2008-09 season — are set up from various spots on the court and provide options for every player on the floor.

Boston Need 3

The Set-Up: In this play, the 1 player starts out with the ball on the sideline. Meanwhile, the 4 and 5 players line up on the opposite elbows of the free throw line and 2 and 3 line up on the opposite blocks below the basket.

The Action: From this set, 4 and 5 both set picks on the low blocks for 2 and 3. Then, 2 and 3 flare up to the top of key on opposite sides. The first pass goes to 2 at the top. Next, 3 sets a pick for 2 and 2 dribbles around the screen to the right side. As this is happening, 1 sprints to the far corner. 5 then sets a screen in the lane for 1, who cuts baseline and around the pick to the far corner, setting a diversion. Next, 4 sets a pick at the free throw line for 3. Using that screen, 3 cuts around and flares out beyond the three-point arc.

The Finish: Using the screen from 4, 3 flares out and takes the pass from 2 for the open three-point field goal.


Orlando Need 3

The Set-Up: As 3 takes the ball out on the sideline, 5, 1, 4 and 2 are lined up in order across the free throw line. The best shooter on the floor should take the role of the 2 guard.

The Action: The play gets underway as 5 sets a pick on 1’s man at the line and 1 pops out to the top of the key and has the option for the three-pointer following a pass from 3. If 1 doesn’t have an open look, 3 and 5 then set a double screen for 2, who loops around and heads to the near corner after using the double picks to get open. 4 serves as a decoy on this play and simply loops around the players at the free throw line and runs to the far corner of the court.

The Finish: 1 takes the open three-pointer from the top of the key OR passes to 2 in the corner for the long jumper opened up thanks to the double screen.


Utah Starburst

The Set-Up: 3 will in-bound the ball on this play. Meanwhile, 1 starts out under the basket and 5 is at the free throw line. 2 begins on the far side wing and 4 is stationed at the top of the key.

The Action: The play gets underway when 5 sets a pick in the paint for 1, who sprints up to the top of the key. Meanwhile, 4 sets a pick for 2 on the far wing. 2 uses the pick and sprints around the defense and into the near corner.

The Finish: 2 takes the pass from 3 in the corner and has the open three-point chance. The second option is for 3 to jump right into the play and position himself for a shot just beyond the three-point arc. After 2 gets the ball in the corner, the player makes a quick touch pass back to 3 on the near wing for the long-distance chance.


Chicago Need 2

The Set-Up: 1 begins with the ball on the sideline. 4 and 5 start out on opposite blocks below the hoop. 3 is in the near corner and 2 is at the top of the key.

The Action: The play gets started when 3 runs hard to the ball and cuts toward half court looking to get open. Meanwhile, 4 and 5 both set foul line screens for 2, who flares to the corner. Most likely, the double screen will force the defense to switch and that frees up 5.

The Finish: 5 receives the pass from 1 as he’s cutting back toward the hoop and has the option to drive to the lane or pull up for the jumper.


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