All-Access with Geno Auriemma: 3 UConn Team Drills

In this week’s edition of All-Access, we take you to Storrs, Connecticut for an exclusive look inside a University of Connecticut women’s basketball practice. Watch as head coach Geno Auriemma walks through several team drills for you and details specific roles, player movements, overall strategies and general tips.

3-Man Weave Box Out

The goal of this drill is to work on going full speed and incorporating passing, catching and cutting, plus getting into the mode of boxing out and grabbing offensive rebounds. The drill doesn’t finish until the ball goes through the basket. Players should always aim for initial six-foot bank shots from the blocks.

Typically, the amount of players on a team is the number of shots you should strive to make. If you really want to challenge your squad, look to make as many baskets in a row as there are players on the team.



Drag is a full-court transition drill and features three players equally spread out on the baseline. After an outlet pass starts the fast break, the player in the middle quickly dribbles up the court to the top of the opposite key. Next, the left wing player cuts to the center and sets an on-ball screen. The option is there for a pick and roll or a pull-up jumper. After the basket is made, a rebounder takes the ball out of bounds and passes to the player cutting to the middle. Now, the unit pushes the ball up the court and looks to finish another set.


Long & Short Outlets

The goal of this drill is to get transition layups without the ball ever hitting the floor. It all begins with a short outlet pass and then finishes with a long outlet to the wing player for the layup. This drill is meant to go at a very fast pace and it’s important that the long outlet player beats his/her man down the floor. The key to all transition breaks is simple: beat your man down the court. There should be only two passes and a single layup per set.


This All-Access look can be seen in the Championship Productions’ DVD “All-Access Practice with Geno Auriemma.” To check out more videos featuring Coach Auriemma, click here.

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