Preseason Conditioning: 9 Easy Drills to Improve Core Strength

The preseason is currently in full swing for most college lacrosse teams across the country. Meanwhile, even some high school squads are getting back out on the field for the first time and putting together their game plans for a new campaign.

So as lacrosse players get back in shape and prepare for the rigors of a long season, it’s important to implement conditioning workouts that specifically focus on core strength, which consists of your abs, obliques, hips and lower back.

If you want to stay injury free and improve your overall performance this season, it’s vital that you work out these areas of the body on a consistent basis.

*Keys to Core Strength Workouts*

-Maintain good posture and alignment throughout exercises
-Focus on the muscles being used
-Don’t hold your breath

1. Extended Plank – Shoulder Touch
Get in a standard plank pose. Hold one arm down on the ground and then lift the opposite arm off the ground and touch your opposite shoulder. Keep your hands directly below your shoulders and keep your feet out wide. Place your left hand on your right shoulder for three seconds before switching. Remember, don’t let any body parts move but that one arm and keep those hips down. Finish after completing three or four on each side.

2. Extended Plank Out-Out In-In
Get in a standard plank pose. Then, one at a time, move your hands “out-out” (wider) and then come “in-in.” Your thumbs should touch when “in-in” and on “out-out”, your hands should be well wider than your shoulders. Every time you go in-in, that’s one rep. Be sure to count out five and keep those hips stationary.

3. Plank Position – Elbows to Shoulders
Start out in a standard plank position. Then go down to an elbow plank pose. Alternate back and forth between the two. Finish after going up and down five times.

4. Plank Position – Reach Forward
Get in a standard plank pose. Then, reach out one hand as if you’re about to shake someone’s hand. Then switch to the other hand. Do three on each side.

5. Elbow Plank Open Up to Side Plank
Start out in a standard elbow plank position. Then, open up and get your hips and shoulders perpendicular to the ground. Look up when you turn up each time. Remember to do three on each side.

6. Side Elbow Plank with Hip Touch
Start out in a standard elbow plank position. Then, touch one knee to the opposite elbow and switch. To do this, simply bring one knee in and have it meet your opposite elbow underneath your body. Remember, maintain proper posture and always be in control of each move. Don’t rush.

7. Side Bridge with Hip Raise
Get in a side plank position and then raise your body up from “hip to ground” to “hip to sky.” Count out five and then flip over to the other side.


8. Rocking Chair
Sit on your back. Take your hands and clasp them behind your head and keep your knees bent with feet flat on the floor to start. Next, raise your legs and connect your elbows to your knees and keep them connected, even as your coach applies resistance.

9. Target
Start out on your back. Your coach will then sandwich your knees together. Next, do a sit-up and as you are coming up, take one hand and slap the opposite target provided by the coach (which will probably be one of his outstretched hands). Your progression should go like this. Go 1 slap and back down. Go 1-2 and then down (stay up for opposite slaps). Then go 1-2-3 and down. Follow this progression all the way to six.


The previous core exercises can be seen in the Championship Productions video “130 Pro Power Strength, Power & Explosiveness Drills” featuring Alan Stein. To check out our extensive strength and conditioning library, click here.

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