All-Access Duke Lacrosse: Warm-Ups and Dynamic Stretching

In this week’s edition of All-Access, we take you to Durham, North Carolina for an exclusive look inside a Duke men’s lacrosse practice. Watch as head coach John Danowski leads his 2010 NCAA Championship team through warm-ups with dynamic stretching. The exercises — which are a consistent and vital part of Blue Devil lacrosse practices — are geared to stretch a variety of muscle groups, get the players loose and warmed up, and even feature players working with a lacrosse stick and ball.

Duke’s dynamic stretching period lasts for about 10 minutes and gets players working with a partner. Below, you will find a complete breakdown of Duke’s warm-up for this particular all-access session. Follow along with the video and see what you can incorporate into your next lacrosse practice. Notice that Coach Danowski also gets player participation and recommendations regarding which exercises the team should perform all along the way.

1. Jog to Restraining Line
Spaced about five yards apart, players will pass and catch with a partner while jogging to the restraining line. The goal is to incorporate the ball and stick when stretching.

2. High Knees
While passing and catching, players will perform high knee kicks to a certain point before switching over to a jog the rest of the way.

3. Butt Kicks
“This is like walking and chewing gum,” says Danowski.

4. Side Shuffle
Notice the players keep their sticks pointing up field (while passing and catching).

5. Cariocas
For this exercise, it’s key to get your hands out away from the body at all times.

6. Backwards Jog

7. Lunges
Remember, the knees bend and extend out in front of the body but do not go beyond the toes.

8. Skips

9. Backward Skips

10. Simple Jog & Return


This behind-the-scenes look can be seen on Duke Lacrosse Practice All Access – Volume I. To check out our entire All-Access catalog, click here.


I have been pushing for years to bring dynamic warm ups to Lacrosse. Leave it to Danowski to be at the fore front. Go John!

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