New Tennis DVDs Featuring Luke Jensen!

We have recently released three new DVDs featuring Luke Jensen! Luke offers incredible coaching points to help YOU take your tennis skills to the next level! The former standout won 10 ATP Tour doubles titles (including the ’93 French Open) and he is currently the head woman’s tennis coach at Syracuse University!

Luke Jensen’s Competitive Singles and Doubles Drills – Tennis

  • Learn how to reinforce necessary skills in a fun and purposeful way
  • Get your players to focus and concentrate under competitive situations
  • Learn 14 drills that will help your players grow into a better team

Luke Jensen’s Creative Shots and Strategies for Winning Doubles – Tennis

  • Learn how to be an effective net player
  • Learn a fresh selection of drills that will aid your team’s shot selection, build confidence and fitness level
  • Features expert-level insight on winning strategies

Luke Jensen’s Competitive Team Practice Drills – Tennis

  • Learn how to develop your players even as the season progresses
  • Simulate match-like conditions with competitive, mini-tennis drills
  • Learn to control the ball better under pressure

Buy Luke Jensen’s Coaching Tennis 3-Pack and SAVE $10!

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