Three Basketball Shooting Drills That Yield Results

In this week’s player development feature, we highlight three effective shooting drills from the DVD “50 Shooting Drills” with Barry Brodzinski of 5-Star Basketball. These drills are easy to implement at your next basketball practice and focus on proper shooting fundamentals, repetition, quick pace and game-like movements.

Beat the Ghost

This drill features a shooter and a rebounder. The goal here is to make 21 baskets before you miss seven. A made basket counts as one point and a missed basket counts as three points.

The shooter starts out at the foul line. After each shot, the shooter moves around to different spots within the three-point arc, always moving quickly and at game speed. Meanwhile, the rebounder keeps feeding the shooter with the ball following each shot. Players should continue shooting until either seven shots are missed or 21 shots are made, whichever comes first.


Distraction Drill

This is similar to a two-person replacement drill and features a shooter and passer/rebounder. The drill begins with the rebounder passing the ball to the shooter to a spot within the three-point arc. After passing the ball, the player will run right at the shooter in an attempt to distract them. Remember, basketball players have some of the best peripheral vision of any athlete and many times, you’ll see a player change their shot because they see motion coming at them from different directions.

The goal here in the distraction drill is to finish your shot and don’t change it because someone is coming at you. If a defender gets a hand up, just simply adjust your arc and shoot normally. Then, the player who passes the ball will run right on by the shooter and then sprint to another location on the floor for a shot. The former shooter will now get his own rebound and then pass to the new shooter, and the drill repeats from there.

Remember, after a few minutes of the passer simply running past the shooter, he then should incorporate sticking his hand up in front of the shooter’s shot attempt for an additional distraction.


Rapid Two-Ball Shooting Drill

This popular shooting drill features three players: a shooter, a passer, a rebounder, plus two balls. The shooter starts out in the corner and receives the ball from the passer, who is stationed at the top of the key. The goal here is for the shooter to get five shots, but he can’t move on until he makes his last one.

Meanwhile, the rebounder keeps feeding the passer and the passer keeps feeding the shooter. If the player makes his last or fifth shot, the players then quickly rotate. Coaches can change the drill and have players shoot from the wing, top of the key and fully utilize both sides of the court. Remember to move at a rapid pace and work on technique and other key fundamentals.


These drills are featured in the Championship Productions DVD “50 Shooting Drills” with Barry Brodzinski of 5-Star Basketball. Click here to see more videos from our extensive player development collection.

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