A Trio of Under-the-Basket Inbounds Plays to Net Easy Scores

This week’s playbook breakdown features three plays stemming from an under-the-basket inbounds situation that requires a quick basket. These plays offer options against a man-to-man defense and a zone defense, and can also net easy layups or high-percentage jumpers.

Two High-Efficiency Plays – By Ron Righter – Head Coach at Clarion University

Vs. Man-to-Man Defense

The Set-Up: This play allows for an effective set-up of a 3-point shot. The 1 player will inbound the ball while 2, 3, 4 and 5 set up in a box formation around the paint. 5 and 3 will set a double screen for 2 in the lane, while 2 sprints around the screens and across the foul line and flares out to the corner for a jumper.

The Finish: 1 pass-fakes to 4, who makes a fake cut to the hoop before sprinting out to the near corner, and 2 sets up the defense by cutting to the ball and then comes off the double screen for the corner jump shot. After 1 pass-fakes to 4, he hits 2 in the corner for the open look.


Vs. Zone Defense

The Set-Up: 1 inbounds the ball while the other players line up across the foul line. 3, 4 and 5 set screens for 2, who steps beyond the three-point arc for the jumper after receiving an over-the-top pass from 1. When the triple screen is made, 2 really must sell the fake in order to create the necessary separation.

The Finish: 1 passes the ball to the spot and 2 fakes cutting to the ball before ducking back out to the top of the key as 3,4 and 5 close the gap with screens. 2 receives the pass from 1 and takes the open jumper from up top.


Play America – By Gene Keady, Former Head Coach at Purdue University

The Set-Up: 1 has the ball on the baseline while 5 and 2 start out on the opposite low blocks. 4 is at the side of the foul line on the same side as the ball. 3 is at the top of the key. 2 then pops across the lane on a diagonal. 2 and 5 next set staggered screens for 4. 4 then uses both screens and breaks hard to the basket around the backside. After 4’s break, 2 then curls around 5 and looks for the ball while rolling backside to the hoop.

The Finish: 1 passes to either 4 on the initial backside roll or dishes off to 2, who curls around 5 after setting the screen. 4 and 2 are the top options here and 3 is the safety valve up at the top of the key.


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