Lacrosse Conditioning: The Perfect Anaerobic Workout for the Preseason

The preseason is currently in full swing for many college lacrosse teams across the country. With several months having passed since organized team practices last occurred, it’s common for these early season workouts to revolve around general conditioning and getting players back into playing shape.

Therefore, during this training period, it’s important for coaches to implement anaerobic conditioning, which is high-intensity, short-burst exercises ranging from 30 seconds to 3 minutes to promote speed, power and strength. Here’s an ideal workout geared toward those early preseason practices that will have a positive impact from the get-go.

Equipment: Cones spread five yards apart for 30 yards.

300 Yard Shuttle

Start out at the end cone and then jog down for 30 yards before turning back the other way. That “down and back” counts as one rep. Aim to go six times.

Remember, take a good jogging pace. At the end of 30 yards, make sure to plant your foot and cut off the endline before returning in the other direction.

5-5, 10-10, 20-20, 30-30

This is more or less a suicide drill. Start at the end cone before sprinting out 5 yards and then cutting back 5 yards, then immediately going out 10 yards and then cutting back 10 yards. Continue the trend until you go down 30 yards and back 30 yards. Be sure to vary which foot you use to cut off from. For instance, start by cutting off of your right foot and then cut off of your left, and so on. Never do two of the same in a row.

Jog 10, Sprint 20 ( x 3)

Jog for 10 yards. Once you get to the 10-yard mark, sprint all the way through the 30-yard mark. Be sure to accelerate hard. As soon as you get to the other end, come back the opposite way immediately and repeat.

Sprint 10, Carioca 10, Sprint 10, Shuffle 10

This time, you will sprint for 10 yards, go into cariocas for 10 yards, go back to sprinting for 10 yards and finish by shuffling for 10 more. Here, we are keeping our anaerobic endurance drills and changing them into something that has a little more change of direction.


This workout can be seen on the Championship Productions’ DVD “100 Conditioning Drills & Exercises for Lacrosse” with Rob Rose. To see additional conditioning videos, click here.

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