New 3-5-3 Football DVDs!

Counter today’s high powered offenses with GMC’s updated 3-5-3 Defense! In these four new DVDs Rob Manchester breaks down the entire 3-5-3 defensive scheme!

3-5-3 Defense: System Overview

  • Stay a step ahead of today’s offenses with Georgia Military’s retooled 3-5-3 Defense
  • Use your team’s defensive speed to its fullest potential
  • Force the opposing offense to create new blocking rules
  • Use the 3-5-3 to better match up with the spread offense or the power game

3-5-3 Defense: 25 Blitzes

  • Simplify your blitz packages
  • Over 25 blitz packages to keep the offenses guessing
  • Update your 3-5-3 blitz packages

3-5-3 Defense: Man-to-Man Coverage Schemes

  • Learn a number and color system to easily call different coverage/blitz package
  • Coverage for trips receiver formation stays the same for each coverage
  • Includes detailed film breakdown of all seven coverages for easy understanding

3-5-3 Defense: Zone Coverages

  • Accentuate your blitz package with five zone coverages
  • Confuse quarterbacks with multiple coverages
  • See detailed video cut-ups for each coverage

Purchase the Georgia Military 3-5-3 Defense 4-pack and save $20!

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