New Basketball DVDs: 1-3-1 Zone Defense, Open Post Offense, & Team Skills

Three new basketball DVDs featuring Jay Wright, Craig Robinson and Chris Endres! These three DVDs cover topics that will broaden your knowledge for the game of basketball! Don’t miss this chance to take your knowledge to a new level!

Jay Wright: Perfecting Your Team’s Basketball Skills

  • Learn nine drills that emphasize good habits in practice, so players have more confidence during a game
  • Get your team’s basketball technique as close to perfect as possible
  • These drills contribute to some type of shot they will see in a game

Craig Robinson: Mastering the Princeton 1-3-1 Match-Up Zone

  • Learn the famous Princeton 1-3-1 zone defense
  • Turn the traditional 1-3-1 zone into an aggressive, defensive weapon
  • Increase scoring opportunities by adding momentum-changing trapping action to the 1-3-1 zone
  • Utilize the extended 1-3-1 press to disrupt offense using the same zone principles

Mastering the Open Post Motion Offense

  • Learn how to teach the fundamentals of the open post motion offense
  • Defeat any defense using one offense
  • Discover how to incorporate post play and spacing to get players better as the season progresses
  • Over 2 hours of Smartboard and on-court demonstration show you how to implement these motion concepts into your overall program

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