3 Useful Lacrosse “Pick Plays” Utilizing the 4 v 4 Set

Towson University men’s lacrosse coach Tony Seaman considers many of the drills based on the 4 v 4 set to be very effective for game-planning. This formation typically allows coaches to be flexible with personnel and gives them the chance to move players around in order to create a variety of game-like situations — and the more game-like scenarios you can implement in practice, the better. Plus, just one or two coaches can administer the drill, which is efficient for getting things done both offensively and defensively.


Offensively, the 4 v 4 set typically features a midfielder up top (1), a midfielder or attacker (2) on the left wing, a midfielder or attacker (3) on the right wing and an attackman behind the goal (4) — forming a 1-2-1 set. The offensive players are guarded by the typical defense they’d see in a game situation. The 1 player is defended by a short-stick defender (5), the 2 player is defended by a short-stick defender (6), the 3 player has a long-stick defender (7) on him, and the 4 player has a long-stick defender (8) on him behind the net. Keep in mind, if you usually put a long-stick defender on the 1 man, just replace him with the 7 defender (or you can use 3 or 4 long-stick defenders in the drill so that your personnel gets used to this style of play).

Drill 1 — “Picks Behind”

Instead of the typical 4 v 4 formation mentioned above, this drill has two attackers starting out behind the cage and then two more stationed out in front of the cage, creating a 2-1-1 formation.

The 4 player, who has possession of the ball on the right side behind the net, throws across to 3 and then sets a pick for 3. Now, the 3 man tries to drive off the pick and get a lead step. The offense has an advantage here as the 6 defender has to slide and pick up 3, who is now open at the side of the cage. All the while, this opens up 2, causing the 5 defender to drop down and play him, and that opens up 1 on the backside, who is moving towards the crease.

Coaches can create a variety of different options off of that pick, but the important thing is that the offensive guys get an idea of how to pick and how to create openings for their fellow attackers behind the cage.


Drill 2 — Defending the “Picks Behind”

Coaches and players can also work on the defensive aspect of how to play against the picks behind. In this scenario, the 7 and 8 defenders have choices here. When 4 carries the ball to the left and 3 picks the 8 defender, we can have 7 come across and tell 8 that the pick is coming. The 7 defender also steps back on the play and below the crease so he can allow 8 to move through thanks to the open space as 4 drives. Also, if the 7 defender can see this pick coming, he can yell out “switch” and take that man if 8 cannot get through.

Defenders can also jump the pick behind. Let’s say 3 comes over and picks 8 and 7 comes over with him and 4 now is coming off the pick with the ball. 7 then jumps out and tries to turn the attacker and 8 still goes with him and creates a double team on the ball. The goalie can also go out and play the open man, which in this case would be the 3 player who set the initial pick. The goalie sees this and covers the open man (3) because no one can shoot the ball from behind the net and the other players are being covered out in front. The goalie is safe to play that, especially if he is athletic.


Drill 3 — The Pick and Roll

When the ball is behind the net, you can also implement the pick and roll, which is a popular 2-man play. In this set, 3 passes to 4 and then sets the pick for 4, and 4 comes off the pick with the ball before getting jumped by the defense. Meanwhile, 3 sneaks out to the side after recognizing the double team and 4 hits him with the pass. 4 then passes to 3 before the goalie can get there and he comes around with the ball and deposits an accurate shot on net.


These drills are featured in the Championship Productions DVD “The Best Drill in Lacrosse: 4 v 4” featuring Towson head coach Tony Seaman. For more videos featuring Coach Seaman and Towson lacrosse, click here.

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