Preseason Conditioning to Improve Quickness and Reaction: 3-Cone Crazy

The 3-Cone Crazy Drill is a perfect preseason workout for lacrosse players as it works on improving overall quickness and reaction time. For this drill, only five cones are needed and they should be placed about three yards a part. To ensure of proper spacing with this drill, be sure to have three players participate per five cone set.

Meanwhile, players should stand about five yards away from the cones, but facing them. The overall goal of this drill is for players to react to stimuli and then get back to their original spot as quickly as possible, simulating game-like situations as well.

Set 1: Ready Position

In this drill, when the coach points to a cone, the players have to quickly sprint to it and touch it with their lacrosse stick before backpedaling to their starting position. Players should start out in a ready position with knees bent and eyes looking straight ahead. The coach will then point to either the left, right or center, and whenever that happens, the players must explode to each cone in whichever direction that the coach points.

Keys: Drop and push yourself off your mark, have little or no step back when starting out, and have a quick arm snap when exploding off.

Set 2: Rapid Fire

With rapid fire, players should incorporate “hot feet” whenever back in ready position. Hot feet means engaging in fast up and down movements with the feet when stationary. The coach will begin the drill with players making hot feet before pointing in various directions to dictate movements. Whenever the players get back to their original starting points, they should continue making rapid fire movements with their feet.

Set 3: Continuous

In continuous, the coaching signals are now constant. After commencing the drill, the players will never go back to a set position again nor back to their original starting points like before. This time, players are always moving and changing direction. If back pedaling, players should continue to back pedal until they hear or see the call of a new direction. There is no stopping in this workout.

This workout is featured in Championship Productions’ DVD “Complete Conditioning for Lacrosse” featuring Rob Rose. To see more videos featuring lacrosse drills and workouts, click here.

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