Secrets to Hitting – The Maver Method!

New Softball DVD featuring Dorothy Maver (Dr. Dot)! Train with Dr. Dot and KNOW how to become a confident, consistent contact hitter!

The Maver Method – Secrets of Softball Hitting Success

The Maver Method is a simple yet powerful technique/ program of hitting that is customized for every hitter in order to generate maximum softball-hitting consistency, contact, and power with every swing. It is a combination of mental practice, emotional control, and an understanding and confident execution of the biomechanics of hitting. Dr. Dot covers everything you need to know to get you and/or your team into tip-top hitting form and raise those batting averages from meager to masterful.

“I wanted to find a method to make our hitters more powerful, yet disciplined hitters… I have seen immediate improvement. Even our best hitters have been able to implement some of the basic concepts to help their swing.”
– Donna Newberry; Muskingum University Head Coach; NFCA Hall of Fame inductee, NCAA D-III Career wins leader

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