Welcome to Inside the Crease: Volume I, Issue I

Welcome to the first issue of Inside the Crease, Championship Productions’ newest lacrosse eNewsletter! Now in our 34th year as the leader in first-rate instructional sports videos and guides, we are excited to introduce this biweekly source aimed at keeping you informed on the latest news, updates, features and resources surrounding skill development and performance training within the world of lacrosse.

With Inside the Crease, readers can now expect features and helpful guides on a variety of topics. For starters, each newsletter will be highlighted by an in-depth feature article of the week, plus several other stories, tips and videos.

Subscribers can expect features like coach Q&A sessions with the biggest names in the game. Other features include health and fitness tips, how-to guides on drills, plays or workouts, plus detailed top five lists, which will highlight anything from specific gear for athletes to recommended drills, strategies, conditioning tips, training secrets and even parenting/coaching tips. Readers will also discover exclusive content like in-depth video reviews, all-access practice previews and sneak peaks on upcoming or current Championship Productions videos.

Now we’d like to know more about you. What would you like to read about in this newsletter? What kind of content are you most interested in and what are some topics you would like to see covered? Send the editors a note at info@championshipproductions.com and we’ll strive to give you the exact information and resources that matter to you most.

We look forward to this opportunity to keep you updated on a wide range of training development features, tips and guides. Be sure to follow us via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and at ChampionshipProductions.com to get the latest updates on new products, news, contests, special deals and offers, plus many other resources.

We hope you like what you see and look forward to hearing from you in the coming weeks and months ahead!


Always interested in Drills. Maybe college coaches do the same drills we do on the youth and high school level but if there are some innovative ones, please get them out here.

Also big one would be clearing and drills that incorporate clearing components.

Lastly, on the college level it would be interesting to know how much of a practice is set aside for discussion and how much of it is non-lacrosse?

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