In-Depth Video Review of the Week: “The Hockey Drill” with Jim Berkman & Salisbury Men’s Lacrosse

The hockey drill is an important exercise to run at any level as it reinforces hand-eye coordination, re-directing ground balls and individual ground ball skills.

The drill is conducted using a line of flat cones set out a few yards apart. One at a time, players work through the cones and push the ball back and forth up the field similar to a hockey player pushing a puck with their stick. After 10-15 yards, the player will then scoop up the ground ball and quickly deposit to a teammate down field.

This drill is also helpful for those awkward moments during a game when an opponent is closing in and a player doesn’t have time to scoop up the ball and pass off to a teammate. During game action, a player will typically only have time to push the ball up field once or twice, but the repetition of the drill makes those situations a lot easier to handle when the moment arises.

The hockey drill is featured in Championship Productions’ DVD “30 Essential Practice Drills for Lacrosse.”  To see more drills featuring Jim Berkman and Salisbury Men’s Lacrosse, click here.


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