New Football DVDs: The 3-3-5 Defense!

Three new football DVDs featuring Joe Lee Dunn! Joe Lee Dunn is considered to be the “pioneer” of the 3-3-5 defense. Using the 3-3 scheme, Coach Dunn has produced top-ranked defenses at Mississippi State, Memphis and South Carolina!

The 3-3-5 Defense: Basic Schemes

  • Put your best athletes on the field to stop today’s wide open offenses
  • Confuse the offense by blitzing from any angle
  • Get eight alignments for defending the Spread Offense
  • Joe Lee Dunn is widely regarded as the inventor of the 3-3-5 defense

The 3-3-5 Defense: Stopping the Run

  • Defend today’s most popular offenses with the 3-3-5 Defense
  • Learn to take on 10 offensive formations with the 3-3
  • Each scheme contains four defensive calls per formation

The 3-3-5 Defense: 42 Blitzes to Stop the Passing Game

  • See how Coach Dunn uses different blitz techniques to put pressure on the QB
  • Each blitz is diagrammed with the assignments and reads for each position
  • 42 Blitz options are diagrammed

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