Want to Increase Your Shooting Percentage?

Learn the proper technique to shoot a basketball and then utilize the The Leather Indoor Nurse’s Pill.  “The Pill” will ensure you have proper hand placement on the basketball and allow you to monitor the ball rotation after each shot.  This training aid has increased shooting percentages by at least 20%!

The following shooting DVDs will provide you with the proper technique and drills to improve your shot:

How to Coach Free Throw Shooting
Jay Wright: 28 Competitive Drills for Shooting and Footwork
50 Shooting Drills
Becoming a Champion Basketball Player: Jackie Stiles’ 1,000 Shots Workout Routine
Grassroots Basketball: Intense Shooting Drills at Game Speed
Steve Alford’s Competitive Shooting Drills
The Shot: Shooting Drills & Techniques
Teaching Kids to Shoot: A Guide for Parents and Coaches

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