Interesting Quote from Dave Pietramala

While reviewing Dave Pietramala‘s video, Developing On-Ball Defenders Behind the Net, I thought his comment was very interesting. 

“Anytime I’ve ever watched a video, there is always something I can take from that video. Whether it’s a different way of explaining things, a different term that’s used or a different philosophy that we haven’t even considered. We’ve been able to take the philosophies from other sports and incorporate them into lacrosse.”

This is a great quote from a 2x NCAA championship coach.  He is still a student of the game – looking for ways to improve his coaching and players.  I would tend to think this is common denominator with all successful coaches and athletes!


Re: This new DVD –
I just got off the phone with the Champ. Clinics rep at the US Lacrosse convention in Baltimore and in a very short time of unpacking his items and placing on the counter, this Dave Pietramala DVD is already the best seller!

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