NCAA Division I Volleyball Regionals Start Tomorrow!

Regional play begins tomorrow in the NCAA Division I Volleyball Tournament.  Games will be played at four locations (Gainesville, FL – Stanford, CA – Minneapolis, MN – Omaha, NE) with the regional winners advancing to the semifinals in Tampa, FL.   The regional match-ups include:

Penn State (Coached by Russ Rose) vs. Florida (Coached by Mary Wise)
California vs. Baylor
Illinois vs. Hawaii (Coached by Dave Shoji)
Michigan vs. Stanford (Coached by John Dunning)
Florida State vs. Kentucky (Coached by Lauren Sauer)
Minnesota (Coached by Mike Hebert) vs. Colorado State
Iowa State (Coached by Christy Johnson – Lynch and Joe Lynch) vs. Nebraska (Coached by John Cook)
Texas (Coached by Jerritt Elliott) vs. Texas A & M

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