New Cheerleading DVDs with Jomo Thompson!

Jomo Thompson has recently produced a cheerleading DVD series titled Jomo’s Favorite Cheer, Dance and Stunt Series.  This 5-disc series provides you with basketball cheers and chants, football cheers and chants, high school stunts, sideline dances, and advanced dances.

  • Jomo’s 15 Favorite Basketball Cheers & Chants
  • Jomo’s 15 Favorite Football Cheers & Chants
  • Jomo’s 15 Favorite High School Stunts
  • Jomo’s 15 Favorite Sideline Dances
  • Jomo’s Favorite Advanced Dances
  • Jomo Thompson is the head cheerleading coach at the University of Kentucky.  Thompson has led the Wildcats to 5 NCAA Championships and was the 2009 USA National Cheerleading Team Head Coach.  He is also the head coach at North Laurel (KY) High School, the 2009 National High School Cheerleading Champions!

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