November 16, 2004 06:33PM
What would be your recommendation of a good video regarding chipping and putting techniques?
November 17, 2004 11:49AM
We have a couple of videos that I would recommend. The first is [b:2ac4256812]Golf Drills for Teaching Fundamentals [/b:2ac4256812] by [b:2ac4256812]Rick LaRose.[/b:2ac4256812] He provides 14 drills that he incorporates into team practices at the University of Arizona. This video is directed toward helping your short game (putting, pitching, chipping) become more accurate.
The second video I recommend will be coming out shortly. [b:2ac4256812]Mastering the Short Game[/b:2ac4256812] is an awesome video done by the head coach at North Carolina, [b:2ac4256812]John Inman[/b:2ac4256812]. Inman discusses chipping, pitching, putting, flopping, body posture, swing mechanics, ball contact, and body position. If you can wait a few weeks, I suggest this video!


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