New Videos!
July 01, 2004 08:20AM
All new 3-5-3 Defense videos by the coaching staff at the Georgia Military College. This is the defense that led to a perfect 2001 season, capped with an NJCAA National Championship, and an NJCAA record 61.7 yards total offense allowed per game.

Basics of the 3-5-3 : This is the complete guide to the 3-5-3!
Linebacker Drills & Techniques for the 3-5-3 : Linebacker drills and techniques used to hold opponents to negative 81 rushing yards during the 2001 season.
Defensive Line Drills and Techniques for the 3-5-3 : Turn your players into the ultimate defensive linemen with help from Coach Burks.
Defending the Spread with the 3-5-3 : The ins and outs of covering the spread offense with the 3-5-3 defense.
Secondary Coverages for the 3-5-3 : Manchester lays out a game plan for excellent secondary defense using marker board presentations and game footage.
Secondary Man-to-Man Drills for the 3-5-3 : Techniques and drills for man-to-man secondary coverage, along with techniques for the GMC 3 Deep Coverage.
Defensive Back Drills and Techniques for the 3-5-3 : Keys to developing great defensive backs in any defensive system - especially the 3-5-3 defense.
New Videos!
September 21, 2004 09:17AM
[b:6537057bb4]Bryan Collins:[/b:6537057bb4] Basics of the 4-4
[b:6537057bb4]Bryan Collins:[/b:6537057bb4] Defending the Wing-T with the 4-4
[b:6537057bb4]Bryan Collins:[/b:6537057bb4] Defending the Option with the 4-4

Videos available shortly!
Becoming a Champion: The Kicker (One on One Kicking)
Becoming a Champion: The Punter (One on One Kicking)

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