Developing your program
May 10, 2007 12:46PM
to all coaches - many of us need to understand the importance of training cycles when it comes to developing our programs. staying current with health and fitness, what's new in the industry of training athletes, and knowing how to be the strength and conditioning coach if you don't have one. there are some quotes i use for myself that state; coaching is formed from love, you can't coach if you don't love your players, and if you don't love your players like your owne children, then get out of coaching. also, a player does not care how much i know, until they know how much i care. so with that said, do you care about their training program and are you concerned on how to get the greatest optimal results and give them what they need as citizens and scholar athletes? that answer better be yes.

macrocycle - training program for the entire year of competition
mesocycle - the weeks and months of specific training goals
microcycle - the time spent on each training goal and maintainence of physical adaptation

know these things. know when, why, and how to train for hypertrophy (muscle size and growth) - strength - muscle endurance and power, know how to train so you don't lose it and how to increase a players aeobic capacity. identify the energy systems involved in your sport(s) such as the phosphagen, glycolitic, and oxidative glycolysis, what they do, when are they activated and how to train in that zone. get certified as a coach or as personal trainer, and take classes on physical fitness and nutrition (it can save you money so you don't have to pay my fees to teach you this stuff. LOL grinning smiley )

i'll be hosting a private lecture for a youth legue in my home town, pittsburg, california on "proper youth training and nutrition for young athletes". the schedule for my lectures such as "building your coaching staff and team family" is booked solid. i will be in san francisco, ca. helping a close friend and army brother develop his strength and conditioning program for double days and hell week. i am in the process of hosting one online with my father jd hill, retired nfl reciever for buffalo, who has now established an organization called catch the vision ministry, targeting families, coaches, and athletes. so if you have any ideas or suggestions, or if you got questions, let's communicate.

jaimel d. hill (coach jd)
warriors ball club association - mesa, az

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