Coaching Players That Know Nothing about the game
April 02, 2007 01:21PM
My Name Is Ahmad El Refaey I am an Egyptian that lived in the US and played Football for Hilliard Davidson High School. I returned to Egypt after High School 2 years ago. Recently I alongside other ex-players like myself decided to start a football club/school in Egypt, trying to spread the game and make it more popular and known. We have a very good turnout so far, but we have few obstacle we have to deal with, and i am looking for help overcoming these obstacles:

1-We have been coaching from memory so far, and we are on a semi-limited budget due to currency differences, so what are the best package of instructional videos that we should buy.

2- Most of the players are not Athletes and they lake the discipline, commitment , drive, motivation, competitiveness, and love for the game. how can i properly install that into them.

3- most of the players (90%) know nothing about the game, other than what they've seen in movies and many problems occur because of that :

a- They all want to be WRs/RBs/QBs they think playing defense and Line is extremely Boring, and no matter how much i emphasize on how important the defense and the line are they are not convinced.

b- they have a very misconstrued image about football, how can i change that.

I appreciate all your help and thank you in advance

Ahmad El Refaey
Coaching Players That Know Nothing about the game
May 10, 2007 10:44AM
in order to teach the game, i would suggest you start by just going over what foot ball is and let them watch a few games, afterwards let them run around with a football and see what happens. let them get the feel for the game. see who is developing that pasionate love and who wants to learn. start with that if you haven't already. and as far as teaching from the videos; i say study and teach from the "coaching youth football" package with jerry campbell from victoria memorial high school in texas.
Coaching Players That Know Nothing about the game
May 10, 2007 10:55AM
one thing that may help in getting them interested in playing other positions is teaching through and from your nations history and possibly from a military analogy. use the anatomy of living creatures to point out not every does the same thing and when one does his job another man can do his, and we all become successful and great. teach defense in the mind set of invaders coming to colonize, and they want to set a colony in the end-zone, and each time a colony is placed... tell them something like... equate the 7 points to something that they don't want to lose as an army; women, children, money, land; that's a way to teach losing yardage on defense. the further the offense gets, the smaller the country of the defense gets. let them watch defense high-lites; interceptions, sacks, big hits, and stopping the offense to make a comeback. on defense teach them that you can't lose if the other team doesn't score, and inshialla they'll get it soon.

Coach JD

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