Drills with med balls
September 12, 2006 10:36PM
Here is an excellent way to improve reaction - strength in acceleration - hand eye coordination and possibly other other areas.

get an 8 pound med ball - lineman facing lineman - start in three point stance with the med ball in between the lineman - on the coaches signal the faster lineman picks up the med ball and pops into a hit position or pass blocking stance tossing the med ball to the lineman he is facing with a forcefull chest pass - they pass this back and forth side shuffling 10 yards and on the signal of the coach, no matter who has the med ball or if it is in transition - the designated D lineman makes a move to get passed the designated O lineman as he must react and stop the D lineman.

the same can be used with DB's and WR's. when the coach gives the signal, no matter what or where that med ball is, the WR must take flight and the DB must react and perform.

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